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Creative Coating Systems offers many services including deck coatings and deck waterproofing. Deck coatings bond straight to concrete, wood, or metal substrates which prevents lateral movement of water underneath the coatings. Once cured, coatings are non-breathable and blister if negative vapor drive is present. Physical properties of deck coatings vary as widely as the quantity of systems available.

Creative Coating decks depend upon proper maintenance in addition to traffic wear. Heavily traveled parking garage decks and loading docks will wear faster than a seldom-used deck area. With proper installation, Creative Coating decks should function for upward of 5 years before requiring resealing. The resealing process includes cleaning, patching existing coatings as required, reapplying top coatings and if required adding intermediate coats at traffic lanes. Proper maintenance of your Creative Coating System deck prevents coatings from being worn and exposing base coatings that cannot withstand traffic or exposure.

The important thing to prevent your Creative Coating decks from becoming an issue is to inspect your deck. Frequent (at least one time per year) inspections can help eliminate problems, catching small damages before they become big problems can help save considerable sums of cash from having to be allocated to framing repairs because of leaks. Summer time is an ideal time to inspect decks, due to no rain and there is a while before the winter storms begin anew to obtain bids making needed repairs.


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